Daily Laddus
The Sweet Truth

Daily Laddus brings you health and immunity through healthy sweets. Using organic ingredients, with no added sugar, artificial flavors or preservatives. These laddus are made in the most authentic traditional way, with ingredients sourced directly from authentic organic farmers, NGO’s in a way that they are being helped to get better price and sustainable business.

Daily Laddus is founded by the pioneers of Bangalore’s one of the first Organic and Health food Stores “NISARGA SHOPPE - The Alternate Store” located in Whitefield since 2010.

Buy here these irresistible healthy laddus

Rs. 260/-

Yellow Moong Laddus
Yellow moong dal like you've never had before


Rich In Antioxidants
Gond Laddus
Rich in Antioxidants


Ragi/Fingermillet Laddus
Diabetes Friendly

Rs. 350/-

Multigrain Laddus
Multigrains to bring you wholesome nutrition

Rs. 240/-

Flax Seeds Laddus
Flax Seeds - Add fibre and nutrition to your diet!

Rs. 240/-

Black Sesame Laddus
Black Sesame Seeds - Add fibre and nutrition to your diet