Gond (Acacia)

 An elixir:

Ayurveda has always recognised the wonderful medicinal uses and health benefits of gond laddu:

  • They are a warming food, so they provide warmth internally to the body during dipping temperatures.
  • These laddu’s build our immunity against cold and seasonal viruses and keep us safe from winter illnesses.
  • Gond is a good source of calcium and thus helps in keeping the bones and teeth strong.
  • These laddus strengthen and nourish the bone tissues as it is rich in calcium, magnesium and also delivers some protein. They help in lubricating the joints and reduce back pain along with other joints pain. That is why it is given to pregnant women to nourish them, help them develop strong bones and to prevent back pain.
  • Gond laddus are rich in fat and fibre and calories and are thus given to lactating mothers to build their immunity, to meet the extra calories needed by a new mother while she’s breastfeeding the new-born, and to speed up recovery and provide her with vital nutrients to regain her strength after delivering a child. Gond is also said to increase the production of breast milk. Although there is no clear research proving this claim but the benefit of this wonderful natural gum for lactating mothers is apparent.
  • It also helps the uterus to get back to its size post child birth.
  • As they are usually made with very nutrient dense ingredients like gond, brown rice flour, ghee and nuts, they are a perfect energy giving food for children. And of course, they help maintain and promote stamina, strength and stability of the body for adults too.

The myths:

Eating gond ke laddu and many such old traditions confuse the new-age people. But there is a lot of wisdom hidden in age-old traditions and must be followed. Excessive intake may cause mild abdominal discomfort. Also, it’s advisable if you are taking gond (in any form) you should drink plenty of water to keep the stomach humming along.


What FDA feels about our traditional Acacia gum is here for your understanding!